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Ray Tapajna

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As advocate for workers dignity, fair trade and local value added economies, online since 1998, we now have thousands of resources and references . See our latest summary at ( Time is running out.) At we pursue the latent response of religion and philosophy to the global economic arena. Our most popular article is at (related to our times. See also: Follow Ray Tapajna as tapsearcher on Twitter at The main sites are at or See also Tapsearch Top Picks for businesses and professionals at or Enjoy unlimited free web services and items to promote your business, advocacy, blog or any website at or Tapsearch Com now has 1000s of resources and results worldwide search under tapart news, tapsearcher, ray tapajna page, arklineart or add keywords to any main terms as -articles, blogs, economy, page, art, communications, business, politics, philosophy, globalization, free, free trade, bizarrepolitics, unions, clinton, bush, obama, bernanke, greenspan, confessions, perkins, sir james goldsmith, trap, chuck harder, manuel castells, world, global, prayer, crisis, stimulus, artmoney, sports art, babe ruth, joe dimaggio, jim thome, omar vizquel, roberto alomar, manny ramirez, travis hafner, John Carroll U., Ray's most popular topical artwork worldwide now has millions of result and references. Search under - Clinton Years American Dream Reversed PTL

Ray Tapajna's Background

Ray Tapajna's Experience

Owner and President at Arkline Computers and Pure Data Products

January 1976 - May 2006

Arkline Computers and Pure Date Products, since 1976 as primarily a trouble shooter supplier of computer components for many major corporations. Help jump start several other businesses in the process. Bio at and

Editor/ Artist /Advocate at Tapsearch Network Sites

January 2002

Our Tapsearch Top Picks include businesses and professionals who have done something extra for others in their everyday lives or in their workday. See or a list at We now have thousands of resources and references on the worldwide web about human dignity in the workday, ethical economics, fair trade, real world trade, local value added economies and pursue the latent response of religion and philosophy to the global economic arena. For 1000s of resources and references, search under, Tapart News, Ray Tapajna sites, tapsearcher, arklineart and/or toonpool arklineart Search under the title of our most popular topical artwork - Clinton Years American Dream Reversed and you will find millions of resources, references and results.

Editor and Artist at Tapart News

January 1998

Editor and Artist at which mixes articles and art that talks about global economy relating to human dignity fair play and local value added economies. Tapart News, Ray Tapajna Chronicles,, and more. Online since 1998, Tapsearch Com sites now have thousands of resources and references online. Search under, tapart news, ray tapajna, tapsearcher, arklineart, tapajna toonpool etc. Original main site at Others include or see

Artist and Editor at Arkline Art Sports and Topical Art Collectibles

January 1998

Tapart News and Art that Talks mixes the thought provoking artwork of Ray Tapajna with published articles and commetaries relating to the issues in the global economy, free trade and the workday. Ray also offers rare sports art, actual U.S. Postage stamp art and certified ArtMoney as collectibles that grow in value. See and and all the links.

Ray Tapajna's Education

John Carroll University


Ray Tapajna's Interests & Activities

Advocate for workers dignity, local economies and restoring the American Dream for all. We also have a new Living Art, Healing in Blue Art and Flowers for You that Last Forever where everyday is Valentine Day. As a total free courtesy we have unlimited free services for you to promote you efforts at At, we explore the latent response of religion and philosophy to the global economic arena. Our main news and issues sites are at and Our Living Art Gallery is at

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